Surroundings Penzion na Náměstí, Dvůr Králové nad Labem

Discover the beauty of the Giant Mountains


  • Distance from the guest house: 1500 m (18 min walk, 3 min by car)

One of the most famous and most beautiful zoological gardens with African safari in the Czech Republic, only 3 minutes by car from our guest house. You can find there for example the largest collection of African animals in Europe or a pavilion with endangered okapi which is the only place in central Europe where this giraffe from rainforest lives. NEW LION SAFARI.



Tyrš Swimming Pool Complex

  • Distance from the guest house: 1200 m (15 min walk, 5 min by car)

Two large swimming pools, children´s paddling pool and playground, volleyball, beach volleyball, basketball, foot tennis, table tennis and mini-golf facilities. This swimming pool is a perfect place for spending hot summer days.


Christmas Decoration Factory

  • Distance from the guest house: 800 m (11 min walk, 3 min by car)

Visit a factory where glass Christmas decorations are made. You can explore whole process through which every glass ball must pass to reach its final form. You can learn the history of this factory in Dvůr Králové. If some of the decorations enchant you, you can buy them as a souvenirs in the factory shop at the end of the tour, at discounted prices.


Tambor Brewery

  • Distance from the guest house: 1600 m (20 min walk, 6 min by car)

During the sightseeing, you can not miss the Tambor Brewery! They offer an excursion where you can find out how beer is brewed and where it is happened. At the end of the excursion you can taste this beer.


Church of St. John the Baptist

  • Distance from the guest house: 1900 m (22 min walk, 7 min by car)

The Manuscript of Dvůr Králové, the oldest text written in Czech which contains 14 songs, was found in a dungeon of this gotic church. However, it was probably a fake, but still it is an important piece of the Czech literature.


The Calvary of the 21st Century

  • Distance from the guest house: 6,5 km (8 min by car)

A set of fifteen sandstone statues bears the name „A Tale of Man´s Suffering and Hopes“.


Royal Forest Dam

  • Distance from the guest house: 6,5 km (10 min by car)

Remarcable dam on the river Elbe combining aesthetics and excellent technical design is just a few minutes from our guest house and definitely worth visiting. It is one of the most beautiful dams in the Czech Republic, in 1964 it was also declared as a National Heritage Monument.


Kuks Baroque Hospital

  • Distance from the guest house: 8 km (12 min by car)

The largest baroque complex in the Czech Republic was originally built as a spa with mineral springs. Its glory started to decline in 1740 after large flood. This National Heritage Monument is surrounded by many sculptures. The most famous are two rows of statues representing man´s virtues and vices. In summer 2012 the Kuks-Betlém education trail was opened. Rentz Museum of Baroque Print was opened in 2014, you can find hand-made paper production, book binding and restoration etc.



Josefov Fortress

  • Distance from the guest house: 13,5 km (18 min by car)

The Josefov Fortress is a place with many mysterious places and rich history. The Fortress defended the northern border of the Austrian Empire and was a armoury, storage and safe place for soldiers and civilians. Don´t hesitate, visit this mysterious place and enjoy a bit of history.


Pecka Castle

  • Distance from the guest house: 17,5 km (20 min by car)

The ruins of the castle Pecka is a popular tourist destination. You can enjoy a guided tour of the castle or a beautiful view of the Krkonoše mountains, the Kumburk and Bradlec castles or Zvičina, the highest peak in the region.


Swimming pool Trutnov

  • Distance from the guest house: 21 km (25 min by car)

Lovers of swimming can visit a outdoor swimming pool in summer or indoor swimming pool which provides many opportunities for individuals, couples or families with children.


Grandmother´s Valley and Ratibořice Castle

  • Distance from the guest house: 25 km (27 min by car)

Czech National Heritage Monument, Ratibořice Castle is situated in touristic region Kladské pomezí, near Grandmother´s Valley, where the characters from Božena Němcová´s work „Grandmother“ come back to life. The castle offers small and large tour.


Náchod Castle

  • Distance from the guest house: 31 km (37 min by car)

Originally gothic castle have been on the list of National Heritage Monuments since 2001. The castle provides 4 indoor tours and 1 outdoor tour without a guide, and definitely worth visiting.


Opočno Chateau

  • Distance from the guest house: 31 km (41 min by car)

Renaissance chateau Opočno is located in the Eagle mountains. It offers 2 tours with a guide, a night tour and a special closed tour.


Adršpach - Teplice Rocks

  • Distance from the guest house: 40 km (48 min by car)

The largest rock town in Central Europe is the National Heritage Monument. There are many nooks among the rocks. Magic atmosphere, a rock pond – an experience of a lifetime.


Aquacentrum Jičín

  • Distance from the guest house: 39 km (43 min by car)

A swimming and a children´s pool, a paddling pool, a wild river, a water slide and much more. Fun, relaxation and massages under one roof!

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